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Guidolin Stampi, founded in 1996, was the brainchild of the owner, whose 40 years of experience in the field allowed him and his sons to achieve the growth of the company, specializing in the manufacturing of metal precision components.
We provide our products to the widest range of sectors, such as automotive, electrical, electromechanical, jewelry, lighting technology, construction and do-it-yourself, to mention only a few.
Extreme precision, flexible production capacity in small and large lots, individual assistance, competitive production costs and a scrupulous compliance with deadlines, these are the key elements of our corporate philosophy.
The company is innovation based and prides itself with the constant improvement year after year of its machinery, a share of the turnover is indeed allocated to the continuous investments.
A new warehouse for finished products is going to be built shortly in the land adjacent to the factory, to better satisfy the needs of the clients with the just-in-time manufacturing philosophy.


Tel: +39 0424 219601
Fax: +39 0424 598322
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Guidolin Stampi
Via delle Industrie, 80-82    36050 Cartigliano (VI) Italy
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