Productions & products

The manufacturing of formed parts is carried out with the use of mechanical presses between 18 and 200 tons, single or multiple-point, hydraulic presses and wire or strip press brakes.
The wide variety of presses lets us optimize the use of equipment of different sizes.
 Our strength is the die forming of parts in small and large lots.
 Our range of products includes: connectors, terminals, fastons, supports, screw dowels, fixing brackets, etc.
electro-welded connections made of silver and its alloys 
formed and threaded in-line components
 sheared and bent wire and strip components
 Our components are manufactured with various materials, such as:
, brass
, bronze, 
 high-strength steels 
carbon steels 
stainless steels
 calibrated iron
 coated materials 
Guidolin Stampi offers a wide range of treatments to its customers such as washing, burring, polishing and any kind of heat and surface treatments.


We have available eccentric presses and press brakes of different types, with fixed or variable stroke, by Balconi, Bruderer, Ross, Colombo, Muffato, OMCG, Lafranconi, between 18 and 200 tons and up to 500 tons with hydraulic presses. Read all

Strips used

Strips used
We are capable of manufacturing sheared components with narrow strips of 3÷5 mm, up to 200 mm of width and with a thickness ranging between 0.1 mm and 4 mm. Read all

Small components manufactured

Small components manufactured
We manufacture small precision components for the widest range of sectors, such as automotive, house appliances, electronic, construction, gardening, do-it-yourself, etc. Read all


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